Tuesday, December 22, 2009

::drunken santas::

Last year my mom and I took a brief mother-daughter trip to NYC. We had SO much fun; we saw the Rockettes Christmas Super Duper Uber Extraveganza (no, really, it was amazing), we took a tour of the city including riding the ferry out to see the Statue of Liberty, we posed for pictures at the ice-rink at Rockefeller plaza, we asked a secret service guy for directions, we saw gorgeous cathedrals and the Empire State Building and so many fun things. Being two hicks from Idaho, NYC often left us awestruck, slack-jawed and/or laughing hysterically. One of my favorite images, though, was from when I went for a walk by myself while my mom rested; I was just so high on the energy of the city that I just had to keep walking and walking and walking. At one point, as I walked up one of the avenues toward Central Park, I passed by a tavern. As I passed, the door swung open and out came Santa! Then another....and another....and another... All in all, I counted EIGHT Santas and let me tell you, they had been enjoying the nog. They were stumbling a little bit and, I shit you not, singing. God, I wish I'd had a camera!!

I wonder, though, how traumatic that scene would have been if a child had witnessed not one drunken Santa, but eight. How would his mother have explained that one??

Anyway, happy holidays to you and yours. Ho Ho Ho!!! Meeeeerry Christmas!!


Dee said...

That was a great trip. And , yes, I was the typical tourist---head up---gawking, as you said, slack jawed ( how could anyone guess we were tourists !) We did think of going up to the top of the Empire State Building, but realized the short line was only the beginning of a monstrous line that serpintined all the way to Maine !
Gee, I'm really sorry I missed all those drunken Santas. We could have joined them !
Thank you for the fun! The Rocketts eliminated one off my "Bucket List".

Jodi said...

So glad you two got to enjoy such a wonderful trip!

Merry Christmas to you sister!