Friday, November 6, 2009

pity my husband

Poor David. You have no idea how this man suffers because of me and my daughter. The poor bastard made exactly ONE spontaneous decision in his life (seriously? This man will spend weeks or months researching gravel); that one spontaneous decision was marry me. And now he's going to spend the rest of his life paying for it. (Literally! Hi honey! I love you!)

As if that weren't bad enough, he also has to put up with my crazy (crazy!) friends coming and staying in our house. This weekend, for example, there will be 9 females in our house, and exactly one male. Guess who! And the strange thing is, he's remarkably good natured about it. For example, he lets the little girls climb all over him (I think he secretly likes it), he often gets talked into being a "horsie", and AND he mixes drinks for the mamas. I know! How did I get so lucky?

This weekend Christina and her girls are coming over, as well as Nichole and Syringa and Kathy and Delaney. We are literally going to have bodies sleeping in every room downstairs, including David's "man room".

If estrogen were flammable, our house would spontaneously combust sometime tomorrow evening, as the moon rises and we begin to howl.

Add David to your prayer list. And send vodka.


David said...

Oh but estrogen is flammable. Here let me light the match -

"Honey, I wish you were a better maid."


Dee said...

I didn't know that----no wonder women get hot flashes !

Have a great weekend ! It will be wild !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi said...

Sleepover!!!!!! With alcohol!!!!!

Whosyergurl said...

Howl at the moon?
Are you serious?
I howl at the moon.
I'm serious.


hugs, Cheryl in IN

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