Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot flashes and night sweats and mood swings, oh my!

So I've suffered from night-sweats off and on for several years. I go through phases where, a couple of times a week I'll wake up sweating my proverbial balls off. And then I'll go weeks or months without it happening. I've managed to be grateful that I hadn't started having hot-flashes yet because hot-flashes, in my mind, meant you were officially an "old woman". And since night-sweats happen, well, at night, they can be my little secret.

But now? Now I ask anybody who within earshot: "Are you hot? Is it hot in here? Am I the only one who's HOT right now??" David and Anna informed me this morning that no, not only is it not hot, it was, in fact, borderline cold.

Which can mean only one thing: I am in full-on perimenopause. Woohoo!!!

Just thought I'd share that with you. If you'd like to complain about the freaky things your body is doing without your permission, feel free, in the comments. Or not. I don't give a shit. (ha! A little mood-swing humor.)

Anyway! Tomorrow we are driving down to Boise to spend the weekend with my family. Which means David will get his carnivore fix. And I get kiss my brother's butt to see if he'll UN-disown me. Fun! But I am looking forward to spending time with my mom, and my sister, and nieces and nephews, and hiking in the foothills, and I get to hold the world's cutest baby for the next 4 days.

If you're driving, travel safely. Love your family. Kiss babies. Make amends.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Jodi said...

Well now, I'm not trying to "one up" ya here, but I went through it twice (both times I did chemo) and I never thought it was bad at all. But hey, that's just my take.

Can't wait to see you guys!

Dee said...

Awwww geeeeze, that's miserable. You can have your choice of where to go in my house-----the downstairs is always chilly and the upstairs is roasting.

And, that's what Thanksgiving is all about----being thankful for family, even tho we're all goofy in our own special way !

kate said...

Oh sure Jodi, way to steal my thunder using the old "chemo card."


Hey, I gotta complain about SOMETHING, don't I???

Jodi said...

Hey, I'm just telling you - it's not as bad as people will lead you to believe. After all, look at all the millions of women who have survived it! Come to think of it, I've never heard of anyone who didn't. Ok, off to Google "menopause deaths"...

Jodi said...

Nope, not a one.

tallulah said...

Have a terrific time with family in Boise. Happy Thanksgiving!

caseyoconnell said...

This is totally apropos for me, because I have night sweats every danged night. I'm 35, for Pete's sake! It's incredibly annoying, especially when I'm all sweaty and still actually cold. I blame my IUD.

(Found you via Jodi's site!)

Jeri said...

Cohosh root...works miracles and it's natural.

Linda said...

Been there, done that. Not fun. But pretty much finished.

I love the... love family, kiss babies, make amends. Yep, that's thanksgiving. :o)