Wednesday, August 5, 2009

grumpy mcgrumperton

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been particularly snarly the past few days. I'm feeling very much like a certain hairy, green muppet-monster. Just stay the hell away from my trash can.

This kid, however, is a pretty good reminder of all that is good in the world. She came out onto the porch the other night, laughing her head off and said "Your new shaving cream sure smells good!"

And last week I brought her to work with me one day. She LOVES to come to work with me, I do not know why, but she has been asking to do so for months now. So while I pretended to work, she entertained herself. This is one of the things she left behind for me to put up on my office wall, renderings of some of the many, many nicknames I have given her over the years:

Love Bug, Cutie Pie, Sweetie Pie, Boo Boo (that's a bleeding wound, in case you wondered), Peanut, Pumpkin and of course, Snickle-Fritz Picklepants.

She also answers to Boo, Boosker, Booger, Peanutbutter, Nanner, Bug, Little Pink Devil, Trouble and Punkin-butt. Poor kid didn't even know her real name until she started elementary school.

Tonight, while my husband is in Leavenworth without me, enjoying Basil Margaritas and probably even secretly sneaking off to see Sound of Music, Anna and I are going to rent the movie "Big", because she has never seen it. We'll cuddle up in the big bed with ice cream and the dogs.

Hopefully my mood will improve so that I don't end up with an unfortunate nickname myself.


Dee said...

Anna probably grew up with those names thinking she had multiple personalities ! Come to think of it she did ( or does?) .
One minute she is cuddly, funny, adorable, the next she is a Tasmanian Devilette.
But don't we love her art work and her fantastic sense of humor. She gets that from you, you know.

Hope you feel better soon. love you !

tallulah said...

How sweet is she?

Lighten up sourpuss!

When they "interview you for Kindergarten to see if you are brain-dead and need to be in the "SPECIAL" program they asked Izzy what his last name was.

Up until then, we called him "Izzy Doo".

"What's your first name?"
What's your last name?"

How much of the shaving cream do you think she snorted?

Jodi said...

Oh my gosh T, that's funny!

Kate, maybe you should have doubled up on your happy pills for the last 2 weeks - too late now. I've actually been OUT of mine for about 4 weeks and I survived all the shit that's been going on without killing anybody!

Got them refilled yesterday finally.

Anonymous said...

Ah, she is so cute! Hope "Big" will make you feel better??!

kate said...

T, so did Izzy end up in the "special" program because after that answer??

Jod, are you shitting me? How do you go 4 weeks without happy pills?? Especially the four weeks we've all just been through??? You're right, I should have doubled up starting with Andrea's visit. I haven't been this so emotionally exhausted and sad in a long, long time.

Dee said...

You can cheer up now-----it seems Andrea loves S. Calif. , palm trees, ocean, evening frozen yogurt----life is good. !

tallulah said...

No Kate. Izzy ended up in the "You must know the square root of 2,342 before you are six program". Stupid people always wanting to take away my kids childhood. What happened to play-fucking-doh?