Monday, May 18, 2009

What I did this weekend instead of sewing:

*went for a 9 mile run

*hauled dozens of wheel-barrow loads of rock to the back yard

*finished my rock garden

*cleaned the house

*mowed the back yard

*cleaned the bird feeders (someone, who shall remain nameless, filled them with bunny food.)

*pulled some dandelions

*helped David haul all the patio furniture up from the basement and set it up

*sat on the front porch and finished my book

*potted some plants

*took a nap in the sun with Bea

*folded approximately 364 items of laundry
*sat on the deck and watched the birds
*went out for a wonderful Italian dinner
*watched a horrible movie

*broke down the 247 cardboard boxes that David has been hoarding since we moved in

*went for a bike-ride on my sweet cruiser

*took the dogs for a long walk with David

*swept the front porch, steps and sidewalk

*put my winter clothes away and brought out my skirts and dresses (woohoo!)

*sorted through a huge box of old clothes to send most of them to the thrift store
*visited with my neighbor
*sat on the porch and read a magazine

Oh, and last night I did finally sit down at the sewing machine and I started a new handbag.

Next weekend, though, it's going to be a total sweat-shop at my house.


Fancy Schmancy said...

Damn, do I ever feel lazy, now...

Dee said...

I am exhausted just reading all that! Starting out with a long run ------ SUPER WOMAN ! Way to go.
You are absolutely enjoying the porch !

Whosyergurl said...

You did a NINE mile run? WOOT! Back in the day...I was a big-time runner and we would go out on a Saturday for a ten-miler and then head straight to Dairy Queen and get WHATEVER WE WANTED!

Shew! You are the accomplished woman! Go, Kate, go!

hugs, Cheryl in IN

Modern Crush said...

I. Love. Your. Bike. Awesome!!

wild child said...

And I thought I was being such a saint to get our grocery shopping done, and volunteer to clean the kitchen over at church...... but I'm just a lazy slug! WAAAAA!!!!! LOL :)

Next time you get the urge to move mountains, please drive to the Spokane Airport instead. I will have a round trip ticket to Burbank CA waiting for you. You can even put bunny food in my bird feeders as long as you don't make me run 9 miles.

Meg :)