Monday, May 11, 2009

::scenes from Mothers Day weekend::

This is our household's version of the "coming of the sheep". Every year around this time, the local high school begins their twice-daily marching-band practice to prepare for the upcoming Lilac Day Parade. You can hear them coming from blocks away, and all along the route people come out into their yards and porches to watch them pass. During their evening practice the band is usually trailed by several kids on bikes, trikes, and parents pulling wagons or just dancing along, because who can resist the opportunity to march in an impromptu parade through your own neighborhood?

It was, finally, a perfect Spring weekend. We broke out the magic-bubble maker.

Sunday morning I stayed in bed and read while Anna and David made fresh biscuits and brought me a mocha. Anna made cookies of her own recipe from the extra dough.

Gratuitous bunny photo:

Gratuitous daughter photo:

And the best part of all? I got a beautiful little crabapple tree for Mother's Day!

Our yard has just 2 trees in it, both 120-year old Ponderosa Pines. They are huge and lovely, but not exactly enticing to song-birds. So on this side of the yard (away from our fool dog who barks at birds), we are going to make a little wild-bird habitat, with trees and shrubs and a bird bath, and of course plenty of feeders. This sweet little Royaltree Raindrop crabapple is just the beginning.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Dee said...

Beautiful ! You are going to LOVE your crabapple tree. They grow to be be lovely round trees
(hope you left plenty of room for it to grow big ) . And are pretty in all seasons. well, most of them. Spring, gorgeous blossoms, Summer and Fall, lots of shade and comfort and cover for birds. And someday there will be a bird's nest in it---in a very few years when its big enough.
Love your pics, and yes, the instant parade sounds like fun.

Jodi said...

Glad you finally got a tree for the birds!

Fancy Schmancy said...

We had a crab apple tree that was my favorite to climb when I was a kid. That's a great idea for your yard.