Friday, April 3, 2009

::life list, part 1::

Melissa over at Suburban Bliss posted part of her life-list today, and it inspired me to do the same. Similar to a bucket-list, but I don't plan to kick the bucket any time soon. So here are a few things I want to do in my lifetime, in no particular order.

* Learn to speak Italian so that I can...

* Spend a year living in a small Italian town, fully immersing ourselves in Italian culture (and food)

* Para glide

* Learn to tap-dance and/or clog

* Sew a dress for myself that I feel GREAT wearing. Preferably from a vintage pattern

* Sing in public (and not embarrass myself)

* Take David to see Gillian Welch perform live

* Take Anna to The Museum of Natural History and The Smithsonian

* Own a horse

* Build something out of wood with my own two hands

* Sell something I've made myself

* Spend a few weeks alone on a tropical island with David (not, you know, STRANDED on an island. Definitely an island with hammocks and someone to cook fresh fish for us and bring us drinks)

* Go back to Switzerland

* Learn to cook Indian food

* Learn to yodel

* Finish a marathon

* Go birding in Texas and/or Florida

* Go to "The Campout" with my girlfriends

* Go to New Orleans

* Drive across the US in a vintage convertible

* Buy and refurbish a vintage Airstream trailer (possibly to pull behind our convertible as we drive across the US.)

* Visit at least one house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

* Spend the entire summer at a cabin on a beautiful mountain lake

* Learn to make authentic gelato

* Go back to the little cabin I grew up in and walk through it. And also walk the trail up behind it to the W's ranch, to see if it was as far as I remember it.

* Build a tree house

* See the Aurora Borealis

* Float the Colorado River

* Eat at Cafe Poca Cosa again

* Fly into a remote Canadian or Alaskan lake by float plane

* Own a Vespa scooter

Sure, some of these might only happen if we win the lottery. But a girl can dream. Now, what are some of yours? Either post them in the comments or on your own blog. But be sure to let me know so I can read 'em.


Dee said...

You're going to have to live to be 110 to accomplish all that ! Even doing a few will be soooo much fun------that's a marvelous list !

Jodi said...

I can arrange for you to tour the cabin. I found out the other day who lives there! Dave Cadwallader was the second Game Warden after us to live there with his family. One of his boys was Ben. Ben is now a Game Warden and lives in our house! I saw him at a meeting I was at and told him how we'd LOVE to tour the house and he said for us to come up anytime!!!!

Fancy Schmancy said...

That's a great list, and you totally have to plan that trip with your sister!

kate said...

Jod, that would be so cool!! What about the day after the party? Or will we be too hungover from moonshine?

Jodi said...

Heck yea, let's plan on going up on Sunday! I'll get ahold of him and ask if that would work.

wild child said...

LOVED reading your list! Things like that are so interesting to me - so cool to see how people can be so alike in some ways and so different in some ways, you know? I say put the pedal to the metal and go, go, go girl - those are great things to accomplish!

I'm going to think up a list myself and I'll let you know if it ends up on my blog!

Meg :)

wild child said...

Alrighty Kate - my list is on my blog :)

Meg :)