Tuesday, April 28, 2009

::hillbilly party::

I had SO much fun in Boise this past weekend! My family hosted our first annual Hillbilly Gathering. There were games, great food, great music and lots of, um, memorable fun that shall never be discussed in public. Let's just say that I LOVE MY CRAZY HILLBILLY FAMILY....and we'll leave it at that.

My sister hung up clothes lines with "big girl panties" and other hillbilly items.

There was a couple who showed up whom none of us knew; they live in Hidden Springs and had come across an invitation. They showed up in full Hillbilly costume and were almost more enthusiastic about the whole thing than we were! They said it was their weddin' day, and brought a bottle of moonshine and were even kind enough to share their weddin' cake, made of Ding Dongs and Ho Ho's and other white-trash snacks. They were so funny; he said "It'd come down to her or her sister, so I made 'em wrestle to decide which one I'd marry", and she chimed in "I lost!"

That's them in the middle; they brought some of their kin folk too.

My brother-in-law Elmer (not his real name, but it should be) roasted an entire pig.

My brother wore his best top-hat. The thing is, he was NOT in costume. This is how he looks every day of his life, whether he's going to work as a logger or going to a wedding. I love my brother.

My mom, my brother and me.

The best part is that my sister raised a good chunk of money to benefit the Casting for Recovery program for surivors of breast-cancer. Next year's party is already being planned. I can't wait!

Later in the week I'll share photos of THE NEW BABY in the family (who was born the day before Anna and I got to town and ohmygod is she adorable!) and a cool experience Anna and I had during a hike in the Boise foothills.


Jodi said...

Well sister, you just can't have a bad event if you're there. That weddin' couple was just a hoot and really added to the fun! Were you in the barn when the little gal in front was dancin and the guy tried to swing her over his back and she got dumped on her head? Thank goodness she didn't need the paramedics, but if she had, the guy who dumped her was one! HA! Now THAT was funny!

kate said...

No, I missed that! I love how all those random strangers came and just had a blast; they'll be talking about that party for years! It was such a fun mix of people. Thank you SO much for putting it together!!

Dee said...

I finally got to get all gussied up and look real purdy ! It shore was fun ta have ma hole fambly thar an a bunch a kin what I never knowed afore.

Thankee kindly-----Granny Dee

robyn said...

Now that's my kind of party!! Love it - you all look like you're having so much fun!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Wow, is there anything your family does that isn't a total blast? I want to be officially adopted in!

kate said...

Thanks Robyn and Fancy; we DO like to have a good time! You're both invited next year!!

tbb said...

Love your party animalitude. I'm so excited to have found your blog. I look forward to reading more :)