Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is it, in a nutshell.

Speaking of stealing, I blatantly stole that from Fussy. You can double-click on it to be able to better read it.

Coincidentally, yesterday Anna and her babysitter went to their favorite store, a place that sells incense, fossils, stones, Buddha figurines, beads, wind chimes...you know the type. Melissa bought Anna this little Hindu-goddess figurine (I know she must have a name, but being the heathen that I am, I don't know it. Feel free to educate me.) Anna got some of her favorite rocks and created this little shrine.

*For the record, before anyone calls Child Protective Services or sics the missionaries on me, I tell her constantly that I want her to learn about ALL the religions so that she can decide makes makes the most sense to her. I love, love, love that she is being exposed to and beginning to explore the different teachings and practices. I'll respect where ever it takes her.


David said...

Both you and your daughter are going to burn in eternal hell. Save me a seat!

Robyn said...

I saw this over at Fussy too, and it cracked me up.

I want to go to God's timeshare in Boca. You know he's gotta have a sweet place in Vegas, too.

David said...

I think that's Buddha BTW

Laumatia said...

David's correct. That's a Buddha. But Buddha has always been kinda non-genderish, so your gender confusion is forgiven! Happy Tofurkey Day!

kate said...

Listen Lauamatia, don't encourage him. He's already gloating!

Happy Turkey Day in Tacoma!

Elizabeth said...

LOL...that cartoon was fabulous. I may steal it too if you don't mind.