Tuesday, November 18, 2008

8 year old to be tried as an ADULT??

This is a dark subject for little-miss-sunshine here, but I just heard about this story this morning: an 8 year-old Arizona boy has been charged with two counts of murder after his father and a house-mate were found dead.

What is outrageous is that the state wants to charge him as an ADULT. He is EIGHT, people.

My 8 year old daughter has trouble comprehending the consequences of not feeding her bunny rabbit. As the mother of said 8 year old, it seems like not so long ago that she was in diapers; many 8 year olds need help making a sandwich for crying out loud. Eight year olds are CHILDREN. They can't possibly be treated (and punished) as if they have the mental capacity to plan and execute a crime such as murder, while considering the consequences.

What the hell are those state prosecutors THINKING?? Where, exactly, would they even house an 8 year old? You can't exactly put him in with the general population of a prison, now can you?

Furthermore, this boy has never been in ANY sort of trouble before; not so much as a single disciplinary action on his record at school. Oh, AND there is now evidence of child abuse.

What this CHILD needs is help. He needs therapy and love. And where the hell is his mother?

I am outraged.


Robyn said...

That story is so sad. Hopefully they won't succeed at trying him as an adult. Just because the state wants to doesn't necessarily mean they get to... right? A judge will have to decide.

(Uh, at least that's what my TV and fiction novel law degree say. You really can't argue with it.)

Dee said...

I saw a tape of his interrogation this morning on the news. He was asked about what happened and he said he came in the house and yelled for his Dad, ran into his bedroom and there was his Dad all covered with blood.

The newscaster said, "and there is no hint that this boy did anything, there is no confession." The boy was hysterical regarding seeing his father like that.

I can't believe he did it.
There's more to this story !

lisa said...

.....and thats what i wanna know too- where the hell is mom!?

Linda, aka "Lala" said...


LK said...

I've been following this story. It's disgusting that they would treat a kid that way.

It will be easy enough to appeal that decision though.

Dee said...

I did see a longer tape of the "confession" in which he did confess, tho who knows what suggestion went on before he came up with that story.