Thursday, November 6, 2008

cat eyes, baby

Ha! You guys are crackin' me UP with your opinions about my glasses. Jeebus, could you people BE any more contradictory??

For what it's worth, I love option B, the cat-eyes, and those are the ones the girls at the frame shop loved too. The first ones (A) we thought were nice enough so interesting. They thought the cat-eyes were much more FUN, like me, they said.

As for my husband, you may remember that somehow I managed to marry a man who does not share my love of all things retro. In fact, he pretty much loathes anything vaguely 1950s. So I knew he wasn't going to go for the cat-eyes. But do you know what that sweet, amazing man did?? He chose the cat-eyes because he knew right away that they would be MY favorites.

(Yes, as a matter of fact, he DOES have a brother: a cute, FUNNY, and SINGLE brother. The catch is you have to move to Boston. If you're interested, or know anyone who is, I can hook you up. I am sort of his un-official match-maker but frankly, I'm not doing my job AT ALL.)

So anyway, I still don't know WHAT the hell you all decided, but I'm going with B, baby.

And now for a complete change of subject:

Have you guys been reading The Pioneer Woman this week? If you know and read PW, you know that she and her family live on a huge cattle ranch in Oklahoma. They homeschool their four kids, who rise before dawn each day to saddle up their horses go work the cattle. They do this from the time they are 3 years old. Her blog is a fascinating look into ranch life, plus she's funny and smart and takes amazing photographs.

Well, this week she is sharing the stories and photographs from her husband (Marlboro Man, as she calls him) and their two daughters' trip to the Dominican Republic. The three of them travelled to the DR to meet the children their family have been sponsoring through a group called Compassion (you can click on that link to go to their page). You see those ads with beautiful but hungry-looking big-eyed children, asking you to "help a child in a third-world country", and I cynically wonder how much, if ANY, of the money actually goes toward making a difference in the lives of these children. So it is really cool to see Marlboro Man and his daughters getting to meet the actual children that they have been sponsoring and corresponding with.

I would very much like to do this with Anna; I think that would be a very powerful learning experience for her. If I knew that our money was actually helping, I would feel great about sending a check off each month. She and I could learn about the other country and the children write back and forth to each other. What a cool experience.

You MUST go see the photographs of their sweet strawberry-blond girls playing and swinging and laughing with these kids in the dusty villages of the Dominican Republic. It's beautiful.


Dee said...

Those are interesting pictures. The conditions are so poor. and the people. How nice that the money actually goes to them.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I think both glasses are funny looking. Oh, wait, it's YOU, not the glasses. Sorry, the glasses are probably cute.

Fancy Schmancy said...

If your BIL is looking, I'm halfway between NYC and Boston. Just sayin'. Of course, he also has to be looking for a psycho-crazy overweight single mother. I keep it real, yo!

kate said...

Lala: you are a BRAT.

Fancy: I'll mention it to him! :)

Dee said...

Lala's baaaaaaack ! And if high form ! We missed you seester-girl.

kate said...

We did?? Oh...yeah...that's right, we, uh, did miss her. Yeah.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

hi Kate! Your good friend Fancy nominated you over at my blog! come and check it out and good luck! It was a classic comment!