Friday, June 8, 2007

let's have this conversation in 10 years

So this morning Bug was having "one of those days". Everything upset her. The clothes she had picked out to wear were all wrong for the day's planned activities (apparently I've forgotten how hard it is to play horsie in a skirt) and it went downhill from there. While helping her get ready, I playfully put some of her hair up and asked if she'd like a pony-tail. She burst into tears and wailed "Ow!! You pulled my hair REALLY HARD!!!" Once I got her calmed down, I helped her down off the counter. "Ow!! You hit me REALLY HARD with your knuckles!!!" and she continued to cry as if her arm had just been ripped off in a tragic farm accident. At that point I'd reached my "patient-mommy" limit and said "Oh for gods sake. I didn't know you were such a delicate flower. You wrestle with the boys every day at school and they tackle you. How can you stand that?"

"Because!" she said. "The boys don't hurt me!!"

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