Friday, June 8, 2007

inaugural blog

Well. I have very little to say but that's never stopped me. So let's start with the kiddo. It's Bug's first day of summer vacation, after having successfully completed kindergarten. I took a few pictures of her yesterday, as she and E were leaving. Here is a photo (L) of her on her first day, compared with the one taken yesterday (R). She has grown so much this year; emotionally as well as physically. While she put on a brave face, that first day was hard on all of us. New school, new kids, new teacher...she even rode a bus for the first time to go to the after-school program. Anyway, I'm wildly proud of her for overcoming her fear of new things, her shyness and most of all for handling our big changes with so much courage. Anway, here are a couple of pictures. Love those new big front teeth. Obviously, we got a bit lazy about the hair-combing. what?? we combed it last week.

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