Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day, 4th grade

Look at my beautiful girl. Please note the fact that her hair is clean and brushed (she even let me straighten it a little, to smooth it out) and SHE IS NOT WEARING BLACK.

Third grade will go down in history as the year my child wore the exact same outfit, every day: skinny black jeans, black hoody sweatshirt and black converse sneakers. She still wears black skinny jeans almost exclusively, so when I came home yesterday and saw her riding her bike in the driveway wearing these PURPLE jeans, I literally almost drove into the fence. Her friend Saskia had brought over some pants that don't fit her anymore; when I saw these I thought "Yeah, right." In fact I had basically put them in our "take to the thrift-store" pile. But behold:

She was so excited this morning after she got dressed that she just had to go show Davie, and she couldn't stop hopping, grinning from ear to ear. Is there anything better than finally getting to put on your new school clothes?? I'm a stickler, like my mom was, for not allowing her to wear school clothes until school starts for precisely this reason.

Someone, though, is not happy about the idea of her person going off to school for the day. Perhaps if she parks herself by the backpack and lunch box by the door, she'll get to go.

Happy long-weekend!


Dee said...

Your daughter looks beautiful ! Love the hair, love the pants. And she looks sooooo happy.

but----ooooohhhhhhh noooooooooooo! (as Koby would say WITH feeling) Bea is not happy---she seems to know what is going on. That's so sad.

Jodi said...

Glad she's looking forward to school!

winner said...

nice blog~~^^

Whosyergurl said...

aw. 4th grade! She is growing up, mom!
Bea is sad. Don't you just love your Corgi girl?
Hoosier Hugs,