Thursday, May 27, 2010

::random news::

I sold TWO bags out of my etsy shop over the weekend (woohoo!!!) so now I need to get seriously busy sewing! As is totally typical of me, I started my etsy shop, was ALL excited and going to take over the world....and then I fizzled.

BUT now I have my mojo back, have some great new ideas and am going to spend all weekend sewing! Luckily, it's supposed to rain so my husband can't make me work in the yard. He's mean that way.

I did make some very cute (but top secret for now) baby gifts last weekend. They will be wrapped and on their way to Boise. I love that my nieces are having babies; there is just nothing more fun (for me) than making baby gifts. Small, fast and oh-so-satisfying.


We continue to go out riding horses a couple of times a week. Anna is so unbelievably natural and comfortable on that horse; it's as if she was born riding. Which, I guess, in a way she was. Only now, thank god, I'm not the one with the aching knees and back! I do not love driving an hour home from work, quickly changing into riding clothes and then driving another half an hour in the opposite direction to the horses, but as soon as we get there I bury my nose in the horse's neck, take a big sniff and's worth it. Yeah, I'm weird, but seriously? That is one of my favorite smells. Horse. Yum.


Anna and I have been seriously enjoying the Peregrine Falcon cam; all 4 eggs have hatched this week. We love watching the fluffy little chicks struggle with their apparently very heavy heads as mom or dad feeds them.


And that's all I've got for now. Will take pictures of what I manage to get sewn this weekend. Looking forward to my first quilting class in a couple of weeks!

Happy weekend!


Dee said...

Yeaaaaaaaaa, selling 2 bags is wonderful . How loverly.
I'm glad you girls can ride anytime you want. And , as you said, the drive is worth it. ewwwwwwwwwww, the smell of horses ! ewwwwwwwwww

Imagine all 4 eggs hatching. Poor mama, can't get them all covered up and one keeps poking his head out. Feeding 4 will be a trick ! I, too, love watching them.

Marguerite Leahy said...

Ahhhh....I also love the smell of horses. And I love that smooth, soft part next to their mouths. They make you feel so serene I reckon.

Jodi said...

Good job sister! And I'm so glad you're having fun riding.

Linda said...

I have given away 2 of your cards too. People have seen my bag (that I purchased at the auction) and have commented on it. Luckily, there was a few of your cards inside it, so I gave them out. You should always put about 5 or 10 cards inside each purse! It's a convenient way for us purse divas to share your info!

kate said...

I do! I sneak my cards into each bag I sell or give away! I figure that's the best advertising there is!