Tuesday, May 11, 2010


From Cute Overload. The fact that they called this goat "Jerry Lewis" makes me love it even more.


Dee said...

I've never liked Jerry Lewis, but think it is most appropriate that this goat is named after him----I actually thought it was his voice when I first heard it !

And did you play the one next to it about the "fainting" goats? That is weird.

Dee said...

I have played that so many times and laughed myself silly over it !
OMG that is the strangest noise coming out of that goat-----he should go on the entertainment circuit !
Don't you want him?

Jodi said...

Love this one! I think that woman wet herself.

kate said...

Hell yes I want him!! :) I generally want any and all goats, but one that does a mean Jerry Lewis impersonation? How could I NOT want him?!

I know...it's embarrassing how many times I watched that yesterday. Then I got to introduce Anna to it and got to watch it another ten times this morning.

Dee said...

I'm watching it again !

Anonymous said...

Hey - you are a winner at Film in the Fridge. If you don't respond, she will draw another name.