Friday, April 30, 2010


When we bought our house, not only was it in dire need of work, but so was the yard. At the end of last summer, I worked my butt of planting and landscaping. David sat around and ate bon bons and gave me directions. ha! I kid, I kid. David did ALL the work. We were a little worried that some of the plants might not survive the winter; luckily it looks like every single one HAS survived, and are now happily budding and blooming.

WOW do I love our new camera!!

I'm off later today for our annual Moms Gone Wild weekend in Leavenworth. It's happening WAY too early this year; we can't even wear skirts and flip-flops, dang it. And there won't be any outdoor music festivals to get wild at like last year. I don't even know if it's possible to have fun when it's cold and raining, but we'll do our best. Now that I think about it, this is probably a good thing...

Happy weekend ya'll!


Jodi said...

Have a wonderful time sister!

Dee said...

Seems to me there is one indoor sport------drinking, and it also seems that's what you naughty girls do best.
Yes, have fun !

I was there one weekend when the flowers and yard work was going on ----the entire yard. front and back. David worked nonstop from early mornings till evenings----backbreaking work !------and I will vouch for him !
And look at the results -----the flowers are gorgeous and the entire yard must be prize winning. Be proud, David !
You are a Master Gardener !

Whosyergurl said...

Who ate the bon-bons? ;-)
xo, Cheryl

Linda said...

Isn't it fun seeing your yard, and hard work all come to life every spring. I love spring and I love flowers!!!