Friday, October 9, 2009

pictures from portland

The first time I saw my family, about mile 1, which explains why I look so fresh and happy. And poor little Anna looks half asleep.

An unexpected visit with my support group; David pulled a banana and a bagel out of his pocket.

This was about mile 18; those hugs kept me going...

The home stretch! Still on two legs!

I did it!! Every finisher gets a t-shirt, a medal, a rose (Portland is the "rose city") and a tree seedling. Anna named ours "Mary", for mary-thon, of course, and we're going to plant it in the yard this weekend. It will be fun to remember that this little tree joined our family on her 9th birthday.

Aaaahhh. Post marathon, after a cold bath and warm shower and on our way to get food and BEER!!

What an unforgettable experience. Thank you Rod and Julie for the photos and for being part of my awesome support team!!


robyn said...

Dude. You are AWESOME. Congrats!

As I run a 5K tomorrow, I think I'll spend my time thinking, "At least it's not a marathon."

kate said...

Robyn, YOU CAN DO IT! You're on your way to your first marathon, baby.

Dee said...

Marvelous pictures ! You look so happy and what an exciting experience !
Thanks for sharing. love it--and you !

Jodi said...

You look so skinny!

Um, hasn't anyone told you to "just say NO" to a man who asks if you'd like to have the banana in his pocket? And to add a bagel? Just sick.

kate said...

It's ok. We're married.

Linda said...

Wonderful pics Sis! Thanks for sharing! I have to live vicariously through you, but i'm ok with that,... it's much easier on my knees and feet! LOL!

Whosyergurl said...

Kate, I am SO proud of you! You look absolutely amazing! YOU GO GIRL!
I was in Manzanita while you were in Portland.
I was cheering for you in my heart, though.
HUGS, Cheryl (back in IN)