Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few more Greenbluff photos

Look at this face! How could you ever say no to this face? Ice Cream for dinner? Sounds good! You need your own car? Sure! You want a pony? Why not two?!
I used the "cross process" editing tool on this photo and I love how it adds to the vintage feel of the image.

While Christina and I were at Home Depot, the girls formed a band named The Halloween Cats. It involved drumming and cowbells and singing earnestly about cats named "Blood" and "Thud".
And finally...
Piper, immediately after she informed me, "My mommy says we're getting rid of AAAALLL THE JUNK FOOD in our lives!" Notice the brownie mix all over her face. That will teach her mommy to leave Auntie Kate in charge. Bwwaaahhahhaaaa!!

I am so glad that Christina and her girls are part of our lives.
She might not feel the same about me.


Dee said...

Piper and Kole are twins ! same gooey face, same angelic smile. Darling girls, all three of them and perhaps someday they'll be famous with that band.
Sweet pics, thanks for sharing.

David said...

How can they be so cute in pictures and such a pain in person :-)

Jodi said...

I bet David wanted to kick your butt leaving him home with 3 girls and drums...

kate said...

David, because pictures are SIIIIILENT. Aaaaahhhh.

Jod, David loves Christina's girls because they give him big hugs and lots of love, unlike the resident 9year old who takes him for granted. So I think he's willing to overlook the drumming.