Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last weekend, as Christina and the girls and I sat on the front porch, this...this....BOAT drove by. We all had the exact same reaction "There goes a a boat". And then "WTF??!!" And Christina and I literally shrieked with laughter. I so badly wanted him to come back by and give us all a ride. And of course I'd wished I'd had my camera, although it happened so fast we all wondered if we'd hallucinated it. Then today I saw this picture on our local news website:

Here's the story of the boat called "LaBoata". The creater/skipper is the father of 6 kids. He wants to use his boat to ferry (har har) them to the prom. And I thought it was embarrassing when my dad wore slippers in public...


Dee said...

OMG That is soooooo funny. And to think you actually saw it ! That is amazing.
the story is well written---funny and the "inventor" has a fabulous sense of humor !

I love it----I want one !

ivalturner said...

Oh dear God that is funny! And you think IDEEHO is bad??????????

Hmmmmmmm... wonder why it never embarrased ME when dad wore slippers in public? Hmmmmmmmmm... maybe THAT'S where I got the idea it was ok to do that!

Linda said...

Is that boat street legal???