Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 minutes. Watch it.

It is un-acceptable that the insurance companies take our money, every single month, and then if god-forbid we actually get hurt or sick, they get to decide if they will use our money to pay our medical bills. It is not ok that if we lose our employer-provided health-care and we have, say, arthritis or have been examined for domestic violence, we can be denied insurance (insurance which WE will pay for) based on a "pre-existing condition."

There current system is terribly flawed. American people are suffering and dying, while the insurance executives are buying private islands on our dime. Our President is trying to fix something that is broken. What, exactly, are people protesting against, other than the fact that Obama is for it?

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Jeri said...

And some families are having to give over their child to CPS as we will on Friday because their insurance just completely sucks at covering psychiatric care. I've written my governor, the president, his wife, v.pres. wife (maybe I ought to write to Joe...everyone jokes like he's not busy)our 2 senators, our congressmen and representative. Only the rep got back to me about our situation. Heck I even put up a youtube video with a link to my blog. Our medical care situation is in crisis and if you're not very wealthy (we definitely aren't) then you are just out of luck. REsidential costs around $400 per day. Sorry, get a bit passionate about this topic. Go Obama! Boo, big pharma!