Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mark your calendars for the Hillbilly Gatherin'!

My family hosts this C-RAZY party each year with a hillbilly theme wherein we all dress up like hillbillies (we ARE hillbillies, so we can make fun of them. Much like Rush Limbaugh using the word "retard." Oh my, did I just say that?) Anyway, there is music, dancing, and a pig roasting on the spit. People bring outrageous foods to share (last year there was something called "Swamp Lizard Cheese Loaf") and there are hilarious and highly embarrassing games. And maybe some drinking. I can't even tell you how much fun it is.

The party is held at this cool old barn in Hidden Springs, the very Pleansantville- like community my mom and sister live in near Boise. My sister Jodi, who started this whole thing (and has a blog called The Hidden Springs Hillbillies), decorated the barn with utinsils, bras, "big girl panties" and beer cans hanging from laundry lines.

Oh dear. This picture so disturbs me. Look at that thing!! It's hideous! And then there's the pig. Hahahhaaa! That's my awesome brother-in-law Ival. He likes meat.

This is my brother, the ultimate hillbilly. He was not in costume; this is his "party hat" which he wears to weddings, funerals, parties and because, what the hell, it's always a good day to wear a top-hat. I love him.

My mom, my brother and me.

The guy in the hat, and the girl in the denim dress below? Complete strangers who showed up at the party. Apparently they'd been walking by the barn MONTHS prior and they met my aforementioned brother-in-law who can talk the paint off a car. He of course invited them to the party, and not only did they remember and come, but they pretended it was their "wedding day"! They were SO funny. I think she had a fake pistol in her garter and her bouquet was dead flowers and dandelions. They brought their friends and some "moonshine".

This was their "wedding cake"! I can't tell you how much we all loved that the totally got the spirit of the party and just made themselves welcome. They were the hit of the party, for sure.

The party itself, aside from being crazy fun, is a benefit for Casting for Recovery, a non-profit organization that hosts breast-cancer survivors for a weekend of support, camaraderie and fly-fishing lessons. My sister was able to participate a couple of years ago and it was an incredible experience for her. The retreat is FREE for the women, so obviously Casting for Recovery needs all the help they can get. Last year, with NO promotion and just asking people to put a few buck in a jar, the party raised over $1500. This year we're adding a live auction!
We've got all kinds of fun things to auction, including two 2-night vacations at Red Horse Mountain Ranch here in N. Idaho. Oh my god that is one of my favorite places on the planet and when I contacted them to donate, they did not hesitate to do so. I love them. Gorgeous setting, so many things to do, knowledgeable and awesome young "wranglers", great food, a beautiful lodge and just really wonderful people. I've been three times now, and every time I leave feeling so blissed out and counting the days until we can go back. It is so worth every penny.

My little contribution to the auction is this apron. I learned something AMAZING making this apron and that is? PATTERNS ARE USEFUL. I've attempted several full-aprons in my lifetime, each time thinking "Pattern? I don't need no stinking pattern!" Because how hard can it be to make an apron, for crying out loud. But strangely, NOT ONE of the previously attempted aprons came out as anything other than now-unfinished-projects taking up space in my sewing room. But this! A pattern! With pieces and instructions! It's a miracle! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and again, I might have a hard time parting with it. But I will, because it's for a good cause. In fact, I'm going to make a couple more to donate. Because who doesn't love a sassy apron to wear while drinking a Cosmo and whipping up some nutritious food for your darling and hardworking husband, right? Don't forget your pearls and kitten heels!

This year the party is May 15th. EVERYONE is invited, and you don't have to live in Boise to come! We have people coming from all over the place, including a couple friends of my sister's who are flying up from Nashville!

We ask for a $20 donation which goes straight to Casting for Recovery, and OF COURSE Hillbilly attire is required! I'm already plotting on my outfit...

YEEEEHAAWWW! We'll see ya there!!


Jodi said...

GREAT post sis! We're getting some great stuff for the auction, I think some of the Sisters on the Fly are going to bring their vintage trailers, and I think your friend Mitch is going to come!

The apron is awesome!

We're planning on a 200 lb pig this year as I think we're going to have a really big turnout. YEEHAW!

Dee said...

Great post ! There will be other trips and fun things in the auction that Jodi is working on.
And the music and dancing is so much fun ! Last year and no doubt this year one of our guests was a "champion" country dancer . He was very popular !
So, Hey , everyone------"come on down"!!!!!!

Pretty, pretty apron. good job.

kate said...

Jod, I know you have many other wonderful things for the auction; I just don't know what, specifically, or I would've mentioned 'em! I'm isolated up here from the REAL work and planning.

200 pound pig? Dear lord...That's alotta bacon...

Jodi said...

Well, actually I don't have a LOT of stuff yet, still hoping to get much more. If you do another post, you could ask people if they have something they might like to donate! I've been hitting up everybody I know that's even slightly crafty!

tallulah said...

Can I donate soap? I have alotta soap. It's the only crafty thing I do!


kate said...

I'm sorry, T. but hillbillies don't use soap. :) Hey, when's your etsy shop opening??

Jodi said...

HEY! I'd love to have some of your soap T!